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New York Recreational & For Hire Fishing Alliance


               Year after year the Black Sea Bass biomass continues to explode, and year after year recreational fishermen continue to take cuts due to bad data (MRIP catch estimates). This is known as the "regulatory death spiral". The last straw was another proposed 12% cut for 2018, despite the biomass sitting at 240%. To add salt to the wound, our neighbor to the south NJ would be seeing over a 40% increase to their quota in 2018!

               With the help of Congressman Lee Zeldin, and Assemblyman Dean Murray, who both took an active role in pressuring the NYSDEC to go out of compliance, we organized large rallies and protests that eventually led to a smaller cut than originally proposed. However, we felt we fell short of our original goal, FAIR & EQUITABLE REGULATIONS FOR NY RECREATIONAL FISHERMEN. Not one to easily give up, and being a firm believer in you can loose the battle, and still win the war, the New York Recreational & For-Hire Fishing Alliance was born.

               The NY RFHFA is a not for profit, grass roots political action organization. 100% of our members donations go to fighting for your right to fish. A 501c(4) political action organization, the NY RFHFA is on the front line in NY, lobbying, meeting with and educating decision makers to make sure that the interests of the recreational fishing community in New York's Marine District are heard loud and clear. We are your voice attending all New York State DEC meetings, and pressuring the DEC to take a stand, and push back on a federal level for what is fair and equitable for its stake holders in this state. We will call out corruption in the system wherever we see it, and push for the best possible recreational advisors on the DEC's advisory council. We will be your voice at the federal meetings, and continue to bring bogus science and data to light.

                We aim to give a voice to the anglers who fish aboard party and charter boats here in NY. For far too long you have been discounted, buried by those who consider themselves the elite. For too long you have not been heard. That ends now with the NY RFHFA. We are here to fight for you.  

                                                                                                                                                          - Joe Tangel